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Integrative Insights: CIL regularly hosts workshops, forums, and conferences focused on integrative leadership. From this activity, we bring you the insights of leading thinkers and practitioners.


January 2013 A Community Conversation on the Impact of Sex Trafficking on Community Health
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Co-hosted by CIL, the Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center, and the Northside Women's Space PDFpowerpoint
October 2012 Community Conversation on the Impact of Sex Trafficking & Prostitution on Community Health
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CIL, Northside Women's Space, Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center


May 2012 FREEDOM, HERE + NOW: Ending Modern Slavery Many Video of Rashmi event
November 2011 Mission Convergence: A world-class model of cross-sector welfare delivery in India Rashmi Singh, Founder of Mission Convergence and Distinguished UMN Alumna


Video of Rashmi event

Mission Convergence Video

May 2011 Integrative Global Leadership: Leading Across Boundaries for the Common Good Barbara Crosby, University of Minnesota Video
April 2010 Cross Sector Leadership for the Green Economy Rolf Nordstrom, Great Plains Institute
Jack Hogin, Environmental Initiative
John Dybvig, Blue Green Alliance
pdf Video
October 2009 Leadership in a (Permanent) Crisis Dr. Ronald Heifetz, Harvard University powerpoint Video
October 2008 Heroes Among Us Peter Heegaard and eleven Minnesota social entrepreneurs Video
May 2007 The Age of Integrative Leadership Bill George, Former CEO, Medtronic
David Gergen, US Political Consultant



Finding Common Ground: Through this series, CIL and the Global Initiative for Food Systems Leadership fosters cross-sector conversations around issues at the intersection of human and animal health. Participants from academia, media, industry, ingetgovenmental, nongovernmental and governmental organizations examine multiple perspectives and find points of collaboration. the following eReports provide summaries, recommendations, and next steps from the forums.


January 2014 The Changing Agricultural Workforce: Challenges and opportunities for the worker, the employer, and the community
June 2013 Food Labeling: Nice to know or need to know?
January 2013 Improving Animal and Worker Health and Welfare
June 2012 Ensuring Food Safety: Whose Responsibility? 
May 2011 FMD Response & Recovery eReport
November 2010 Antibiotics & Agriculture eReport



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