Center for Integrative Leadership
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Case Studies

Examining real world leadership scenarios is an important way to better understand the value -- and challenge -- of integrative leadership. Each of the following cases explores leadership that crosses sectoral, cultural, or national boundaries.

Partnership Shores Up Fragile Neighborhood

A cross-sectoral partnership is bringing a struggling Minneapolis neighborhood back from the brink.

"Peak Organization" Helps Society Address Issues of Aging

A rapidly aging workforce presents personal and employer challenges.

Global Alliance Seeks to Eradicate Polio

Rotary International and others collaborate to create a polio-free world.

The Privatization of Turk Telekom

The complex proposed sale of a state-owned enterprise in an emerging-market illustrates the need for integrative leadership.

Global Partnership Targets Sexual Exploitation of Children

A cross-sectoral partnership works to end the sex tourism industry that entraps vulnerable children worldwide.

Exploring Integrative Leadership Case Studies

The following case studies have been generously contributed by highly accomplished leaders from the public, private, or nonprofit sectors who have served as CIL Executive Leadership Fellows.

March 2011 Exploring Integrative Leadership Traits in the U.S. Military Officer Corps Commander Chip Laingen, United States Navy, 2010-2011 Executive Leadership Fellow


March 2011 A Failure of Leadership: Lessons from the Metro Gang Strike Force Mary Ellison, 2010-2011 Executive Leadership Fellow


July 2010 Public Service, Public Health and Global Partnerships: Rotary International's Polio Eradication Program Paul Mooty, 2009-2010 Executive Leadership Fellow pdfVideo