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The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter

In the summers of 2011 & 2012, CIL hosted trainings for faculty and staff from across the University of Minnesota in The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter – a powerful suite of facilitative practices and practical frameworks to help groups more effectively work across traditional boundaries.










In partnership with InCommons, a regional initiative inspiring and supporting community-powered problem solving, over 120 faculty and staff from across the University are now trained in the Art of Hosting practices and patterns. Many have continued to participate in University of Minnesota, regional and international communities of practice focused on ongoing learning together, building strong relationships, and engaging in meaningful work hosting meaningful conversations around complex challenges.

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•To get an overview of Art of Hosting, download an FAQ or visit the public Art of Hosting website.
•To explore conversations and developments among the international community of practice, visit the community’s collaborative platform on Ning.
•To learn more about application of these practices at the University of Minnesota by a growing, self-organized community of practice, visit the UMN Art of Hosting Community of Practice website.

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Training Feedback

Following each of the University of Minnesota trainings, feedback was contributed by participants regarding the training’s effectiveness and immediate outcomes. This feedback has been added to a growing body of feedback from trainings being hosted across Minnesota. It will continue to shape how we design these trainings in the future and can contribute to the learning of the international Art of Hosting community around training design.

View the comprehensive training feedback summary
View training feedback summaries from the Summer 2011 training and the Summer 2012 training.


CIL Academic Co-Director Jodi Sandfort, CIL Steering Committee Member Kathy Quick, and Graduate Research Assistant Nicholas Stuber produced the September 2012 report "Practicing the Art of Hosting: Exploring What Art of Hosting and Harvesting workshop participants understand and do." The study explores the way in which people trained in the Art of Hosting practice and make sense of hosting as an integrative leadership approach. It concludes with the identification of some areas that could be strengthened for the benefit of the community and practice.

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A team of five University academic and professional staff who participated in the President’s Emerging Leaders (PEL) program extended this research by interviewing 23 individuals who participated in the Summer 2011 training hosted by CIL with InCommons. Special thanks to this PEL team for conducting this research: Brenda Carriere (Carlson School of Management), Ellen Freeman (College of Education and Human Development), Mary Jetter (Center for Teaching and Learning), Chris Nelson (Technological Leadership Institute), and Terry Straub (Extension Master Gardener Program).

Read the PEL Team’s report

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