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The Center for Integrative Leadership and the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota sought paper proposals for a conference on what it means to create public value in a multi-sector, shared-power, no-one-wholly-in-charge world. Over 100 submissions were reviewed and approximately 60 were accepted. Full papers r abstracts for the proposals are linked below.

Authors Paper Title
Alexander, E. R.* Effectuating Public Values by Institutional Design
Alford, John* Weighing up the public value of alternative methods of providing public services: Towards a broader contingency framework
Alford, John*
Hartley, Jean
Hughes, Owen
Political Astuteness as an Aid to discerning and Creating Public Value
Aligica, Paul Dragos
Tarko, Vlad*
Co-production, policentricity and public value. ostroms’ institutionalism and beyond
Allen, Barbara* Theorizing Public Services Commissioning: A Consensus on Public Value?
Atwood, Brian* Creating a New global Partnership for Development Cooperation
Clive Belfield* Can Cost-Benefit Analysis Determine Public Value?
Benington, John* Public Value As A Contested Democratric Practice
Bernier, Roger Harvey* Discerning Public Values and Determining the ‘Public Interest’ in Public Health Policymaking---A Proven Model Based on a Deliberative Democracy Framework
Boguslaw, Janet*
Santos, Jessica*
Nsiah-Jefferson, Laurie
The Public Value of Economic Opportunity: An Inter-Sectoral Approach to Diversity Workforce Development
Boyte, Harry* Creating Public Value: A View from the New Civic Field
Bretschneider, Stuart*
Choi, Yujin
Nabbichi, Tina
Rosemary, O'Leary
Does Public Value Matter for Collaboration? Evidence from an Experimental Analysis
Bromley, Patricia
Orchard, Charlene*
Managed Morality: The Rise of Professional Codes of Conduct in the U.S. Nonprofit Sector
Casey, Colleen*
Moulton, Stephanie
Coproduction of Public Values through Cross-Sector Implementation: A Multi-Level Analysis of Community Reinvestment Outcomes in the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program
Cheever, Kathryn* PUBLIC VALUE CREATED: A Study of Successful Colorado Collaborations
Choi, Sang Ok* Community Quality of Life and Public Values
Couch, Robert* Protecting the Mission: Overcoming Obstacles to Equity-Financed Collaboration
Cresswell, Anthony*
Helbig, Natalie
Cook, Meghan
Putting Public Value to Work: A Framework for Public Management Decision Making
Eden, Colin*
Ackermann, Fran
Public Value from 'Above and Beyond'
Faulk, Lewis*
McGinnis, Jasmine
“The Professionalization of Community Foundations and their Emerging Roles in Defining Public Values and Setting Local Agendas”
Garofalo, Charles *
Geuras, Dean 
Where Should We Draw the Line: Public Values, Moral Agency, and Outsourcing National Defense
Getha-Taylor, Heather*
Pierce, John
Recognizing Public Values at the Local Government Level: A Study of All America City Awards
Guarini, Enrico* Integrating Social Responsibility of Business, Civil Society and Government: New Perspectives on Measuring Public Value
Guo, Chao*
Marietta, Morgan
Participatory Representation as a Means of Achieving Value Representation within Network Governance: The Case of Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils
Hartley, Jean* The creation of public value through step-change innovation in public organizations
Hoffman, Steven*
Fudge, Shane
Pawlisch, Melissa
Decentralizing the Electricity System: Public Values and Community Energy
Holmes, Maja*
Lambright, Henry
Initiating and Sustaining Innovation in Large-Scale Energy Generation: Public value and Decision-Making


List continued below...

Johnson, Bonnie* Public Values in Codes of Ethics: The Aspirations of Professional Planners from Around the World
Julnes, George* Valuing Policies and Programs Serving the Public Interest
Kalambokidis, Laura*
Hinz, Lisa
Using Economic Principles to Show How Extension Education Programs Create Public Value
Lindsey, Greg* The Values of Citizen Science: Opportunities, Challenges, and Limitations of Engaging Volunteers in Transportation Data Collection
Littlefield, Jennifer*
O'Brien, Julia
In Pursuit of Public Value: The Process Behind Cross-sector Collaboratives
McPherson, Gayle*
MCGillivray, David
Foley, Malcom
The Cultural Value of Mega-Events: the co-creation of public policy
Mendel, Stuart*
Brudney, Jeffrey
The Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Creating Public Value
Meynhardt, Timo* Public Value – Turning a Conceptual framework into a Scorecard
Monroe-White, Thema*
Cozzens , Susan
Do Social Enterprises Create Essential Public Values or Should They?
Moore, Mark* Recognizing Public Value:Developing a Public Value Account and a Public Value Scorecard
Moynihan, Donald*
Herd, Pamela
Rigby, Elizabeth
Preventing Fraud or Burdening Citizens? The Battle over Public Values in Welfare Programs
Pandey, Sanjay
Moynihan, Donald
Peng, Shuyang*
Advancing Public Value through Use of Performance Information in Organizations: A Preliminary Model
Richardson, George*
Andersen, David
Luna-Reyes, Luis
Joining Minds: Group Modeling to Create Public Value
Rosenbloom, David* Dealing with Non-mission Based Objectives and Public Values in Performance Oriented Public Management
Saidel, Judith* Smart Partnership Contracting Practices and Public Value:Expanding the Relational Contracting Construct
Sandfort, Jodi*
Quick, Kathy
Hosting Conversations and Creating Public Value
Shapiro, Matthew*
Bolsen, Toby
Leeper, Thomas
Elite Theory Revisited: Climate Change and the Science-Politics Connection
Smith, Deborah* Grant-funded Support of the Arts: A Case Study of Merit Good Theory as the Basis for Economic Development in Maine
Stazyk, Edmund*
Davis, Randall*
Exploring the links between work environment, public values, and citizen participation
Stone, Melissa*
Bryson, John
Page, Stephen
Crosby, Barbara
Public Value Creation in Collaborative Cross-Sector Settings: Toward a Theoretical and Practical Understanding
Suarez, David* Creating Public Value Through Partnerships in National Parks
Thomas, John Clayton*
Poister, Theodore
In the Eye of the Beholder: Learning from Citizen and Stakeholder Assessments of Public Value
Thompson, Fred* Understanding and Creating Public Value: Business is the Engine; Government the Flywheel (and also the Regulator)
Trujillo, Diana*
Ospina, Sonia
Value Creation in Cross-Sector Collaboration and the Nature of Public Value
van Eijck, Kim Haugland*
Lindemann, Berit
Creating Public Value in Educational Practice
Warner, Mildred* Profiting from Public Value? The Case of Social Impact Bonds
Witesman, Eva*
Walters, Lawrence
Value Trade-offs in Cross-Sector Public Decisions
Yang, Kaifeng* Creating Public Value By Performance Partnerships: Deliberation, Representation, and Implementation


Paper proposals were sought in two areas:

1. Studies that highlight how public value is or is not created. Studies should illuminate how various sectors and instrument or tools are used to advance (or not) public values and the theory that accounts for the results. The studies will provide theoretical backing and concrete grounding for thinking about the achievement of public values.

2. Approaches to discerning, measuring, and assessing public values and the ways of creating them.